Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year, New Plan! :)

Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays!  I am thrilled to be back on the blog and thinking about a new year!  2010 was my best sales year to date and I am highly anticipating getting pen to paper to write my 2011 goals and strategies!

I have heard it said before that there are those who "wonder how I can do it" or "want to do what I do" so here you go!  First and foremost - GO BUY A NEW PLANNER! :)  You can't keep track of your dates/months/appointments without a good one!  I really liked my Brownline one from last year( because it ONLY had months...not weeks!  I find days of the week overwhelming so I like to look at my life a month at a time.  With that being said, my calendar really begins to look messy during my really busy months and I think that some people would be really quite frustrated by the mess.  So, whatever works for your schedule is great!

Hopefully you have parties booked for January already.  IF NOT, you have a great promotion in the buy two get one free coming up!  It is SO necessary to get the word out about this promotion and then at those parties let the guests in on the February info!  Even though we don't know what the promo is, we do know that February will be great for our guests, hostesses and new team members and you can still get your peeps pumped up without knowing all the details!  Just promise them that you know it will be great!

So...get cracking! :)  I am going to go and write some goals!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another adjustment to my balancing act!

Don't ever think that I have it together! Puh-lease!  I am no where close to organized or balanced and we are now throwing a wrench into my constant persuit of balance!

My husband started a side company!

This is great news.  He makes WAY more money than me, so this is great...except...I am doing the administrative work so that he can keep up with his normal salary job.  What a wrench!

So over the next few weeks as I am picking up my new found "job", I will be trying to get the next things accomplished-

1. Maintain contact with my hostesses using the new hostess center(perfect timing!).
2. Mainstreaming my systems so that I am more efficient.  (This includes researching postal options, creating a schedule of operations and setting time aside to work on time consuming tasks)

I think that focusing on my systems *might* allow time for me to devote to my husbands work.  Key word...might! :)

Then again maybe I will lose my mind, lock myself in the bathroom and call a few of you to vent! :) 

If you like me are going through a schedule change, I challenge you to keep moving forward.  I try to remind myself that if I am doing at least one thing for UL each day, then I am making progress!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Newbie's!

Thanks for joining the blog.  If you would like your site and name added to the "let's network" section of the blog please leave me a comment with your name and website.

For those of you who have asked to be added and are not already there...I apoligize, I lost your email.  If you would leave a comment with the info, I will be sure to add it :)

Real Me Monday!

If you stopped by my house right now you would notice that among the normal clutter are numerous laundry baskets.  UGH!  I hate laundry!

An action plan for today!

Hello Fellow Direct Sales Girls!

I want to challenge you today...and maybe you want to challenge your teams as well...

What could happen for your business if you wrote a note to each one of the people who were interested in hostessing with you at one point that said "I would love the opportunity to host a party with you" and enclosed a few sample words?

It's an interesting thought...and could potentially help someone on your team who doesn't have any parties on their books. 

I think the small effort needed could pay off big!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to choose your display items.

After a new catalog comes out, if you are like me you have a difficult time figuring out what display items to buy for your parties.  I mean...if I carried everything that I wanted to carry I would throw my back out and talk way too long!

I have a few rules that I live by when choosing display items for my parties...and they go a little something like this...

1. Is the piece already pictured in the catalog? If it is already shown in a full color photo, I won't use it.  I think that our photography is SO good that bringing something that is shown isn't necessary.  You might as well use the accessory that you love but put something different on it.

2. Do I love it? I firmly believe that you will talk about the things that you are drawn to with more passion than you would about something that you are not.  Case in point...I am not Italian, so having something that said "beinvienue" wouldn't be something that I would be passionate about...I mean quite frankly...I can't prounounce it much less spell it!

3. Will it fit in 1 container?  I only carry one tote.  For a few reasons...the first one and most important one...I am lazy!  The second one...I want everyone to see that what I carry isn't difficult so that if they wanted to sell UL they wouldn't think that they needed to carry multiple totes.  Truth be told...we can fit quite a bit of our product in one tote.

4. Does it work for a large group of people?  Holiday items are great.  Holiday items on one side of the punched mini or large tile with an everyday expression on the other side...even better!  You can sell that idea...even when its HOT outside!  Same idea with our awesome acrylic blocks. 

5. Would you give it as a gift?  I taylor at least two of my display items to be highlighted as gift items.  Maybe a set of monogrammed coasters for a lower price point and a personalized metal embossed board for a larger item.  They are great again, because your customer can see them in their own home AND can use them for gifts!  What bride wouldn't want a set of monogrammed coasters with a nice card.  They are more meaningful because the bride knows that the gift giver took the time to think of a font/color/etc.

Those are my rules.  As I think of what I want to bring to my parties this is the list that I am pretty sure will make it to the tote-

1. Coaster set with FALL(14258) mirrored in 9092 and 9002(I know that it is a one color expression.  I will show it with two colors and market it as something for them to buy for themselves and a friend if they want two colors)

2. Acrylic block with PEACE(14234) in 9092 on one side and A PERFECT TEN(17135) on the other with the LED insert.

3. White frameworks frame with seasonal AND general inserts.

4. Punched metal tile with childrens miracle network expression on one side and GET YOUR MERRY ON(18502) on the other.

5. Vintage Embossed Metal Board with CAREY/this family established 2000 in custom lettering.  (carey is in Trajan and the other lettering is in liorah)

6. Display board with color swatches labelled on one side and a sample of dry erase/chalkwall/decorative print on the other side. 

*This is my list as of this moment...I am kicking around the idea of doing a hook board.

**IF things that you are showing aren't selling, I highly suggest changing them out.  I change up my display pieces every other month because I get bored with them.  I think that adding things from the mini catalog will help your display stay fresh and exciting!

New Diggs!

A huge shout out and thank you to my friend and best blog designer Becki!  Thank you SO much!  I now have a design that I am thrilled to share with my friends and family!

Isn't it good?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Me Monday!

Let's keep it real!  The real me does my best work on a coffee table that is in dire need of being refinished while fixing the girls mp3 player and opening the milk jug.  I am not sure why I have two pens there...probably because I lost one of them while working and grabbed another but typically I would only use the blue pen :)  I can't wait to showcase my messy world on Mondays!

Thoughts from a few wild and crazy days!

I would be lying if I told you that it hasn't been difficult to keep everything that I have floating in my head organized.  I am trying.  :)

Last Tuesday we set out towards our annual Uppercase Living Convention in St.Louis.  It was great to be able to drive and spend time with some of my frontline. 

The details of the trip are me...the way our company has changed our businesses by incorporating hostess tools, online ordering linked to parties, new products, our new annual catalog and new incentive trip are not to be understated.  They are amazing! 

But as I sat working on some customer thank you notes last night, something more profound hit me...

How would focusing on going the extra mile with your customers change your business?

So...a little story about me...

I started UL and like I got shot out of a rocket had at least 6 parties on my calendar for the first 6 months.  After those 6 months, I had at least 9 parties on my books.  After being with UL for 1 1/2 years my goal was to have 12 parties on the bookes each month...and often I had more than 12. 

Nice story eh?

What happened along the road was that I lost the excitement of what it felt like to be NEW!!!  I don't remember my first customers anymore, and although I send thank you notes and try to be as available as possible for my customers...I feel like I have lost some of the splender that is being NEW!

Being at convention changes you.  Quite simply being around those who are new reminds me that I don't have to get so caught up in being busy that I lose that feeling.  If you didn't make it to convention this year, I highly encourage you to get there next year.  Get in your car, ride a bus, train or hop on a plane...because the lessons that you don't know you need will be the sweetest lessons yet.

ACTION PLAN - I have decided to go into my UL Express and find my best customers.  Thankfully in the customer search box, there is a section where you can type in a dollar amount and find the customers who have spent more than _______.  I encourage you to write a note to those customers and enclose a small gift.  Maybe a few of the small incentives that we bought at convention or a few of your sample words with a short note that says "thanks for being such a great customer".

Thursday, July 1, 2010


WOW! Todays the day! I AM SO EXCITED!

Todays the day girls...I challenge you to write your yearly goals!

Here are a few things to think about or ponder upon...

Why are you selling UL? Where is your passion?  What do you want to use your UL profits for? (car payment, groceries, fun money?)  In what areas could you push yourself harder?  How many parties do you want to work per month? 

Once you have those answered you have a great basis to write your yearly/monthly/weekly goals!

With this new year comes our NEW TRIP INCENTIVE!!!!!  Remember that the small bites make the big goal seem much easier!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  The first step along the way of earning this trip is the 2500 points needed for the hooded sweatshirt.  You have until the end of August to earn those points and with the double point for the first 12 days of this month, this is a very attainable goal! 

Go get em' girls!  I am honored to be along for the ride!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Updates from Convention to be posted!

Because this blog(so far) is followed by mostly Uppercase Living Demonstrators, I will be posting the announcements and updates from convention here! 

As all of you know convention is only 25 short days away and I think that this will be the best one yet!  I hope to be able to provide photos and announcements in close to real time so that you can all be kept up to date with the exciting things that I know you don't want to miss!

So, let your teams know to add this blog and check it regularly during convention!!!!!  I am excited to devote time to keeping you informed! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What keeps you distracted?

Yep!  You read that right!  Not "what keeps you focused?" but "what keeps you distracted?"  Right now, I am in my living room listening to the sultry sounds of....all 5 daughters being home from school for the summer!!!!!  Welcome to reality Mrs.Carey, you are now the proud owner of 5 nearly grown-ish girls who walk, talk and go to the bathroom...on the potty!  FANTASTIC! 

This has now thrown a wrench into my regularly scheduled life!  And I think the crazy part about it is that I have forgotten just how difficult the summer is to move my business forward! 

Are you feeling this way?  What is your plan to keep moving things forward?  Have you come up with a work schedule?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Apoligies!

I have been running for the past two weeks!  Thankfully for good reasons!  Between working on the house, working UL, and wrapping up our Girls on the Run season I have been CRAZY busy!  My apoligies!  I am planning on making a strong comeback as we stretch into the summer and wrap up another UL year!

One tip to keep in mind as you begin thinking about making new goals for the upcomming UL year.  If you write long term goals they may seem daunting, so continue to write small goals to encourage you along the way.  I keep a ticker like the one below to show me progress as I continue to accumulate it.  If you go to you can create your own ticker!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recognize your strengths but focus on your weaknesses!

It isn't fun!  In fact, chances are that your weaknesses are weaknesses because you don't choose to focus on them.  The problem is that the gap between your strengths and weaknesses will get broader if you only focus on things that you are good at.  And I should know...

I have actually fantasized about hiring someone to tackle the things in my life that are weak.  I would prefer to PAY someone to handle them instead of struggling through them.

So how do I(we) go about strengthening our weaknesses?

I think you start by making a list.  What are you good at?  What are you passionate about? What do you DISLIKE?  What do you know you could spend more time doing?

I will give you a few examples-

What are you good at?
-one on one contact with customers

What are you passionate about?
-enriching customers lives through the power of words

What do you dislike?
-making phone calls

What do you know that you could spend more time doing?
-organizing, phone calls, mailings

The funny thing is that like me you may find contradictions in your list.  In my case, I am good at talking to people one on one about UL and things that I believe UL can do for their lives BUT I hate calling!!!  I am the email, texting queen and would prefer to conduct my entire business day with my keyboards.  Do you see the problem?  I know that my customers respond to my contacts BUT I don't do need to focus on that weakness alone to build my business!

I think that once you take inventory of your own skills verses things that you really dislike, you can force yourself to get over a hurdle in your mind, thus moving your business forward.

I dare you...write a short list and dwell on the weaknesses instead of the strengths!  You might even surprise yourself!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Conventions...they are not to be missed!

If I were new to Uppercase(or any company), I would think that the company and demonstrators alike were trying to brainwash me so that I would come to convention.  And even if I had been with UL for awhile but hadn't been to an event...I still might not drink the kool-aid, but I have been to an event and I have been with UL for long enough to know the secret...


It is...
-business re-charging
-the best way to learn about new products
-a place where you are understood
-an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!
-a place to reconnect with old friends.
-where you hear the new announcements RIGHT AWAY! :)
-full of suprises
-an occassion to buy a new dress
-where you get to know the home office team
-hands on fun!

So even if you are new...maybe even SO new that you haven't put a party through is well worth the time and expense to advance your business!  I urge you to ask your upline and see how you can share a ride and room so that this is a more affordable trip! 

I can't wait to celebrate with all of you in July!  This has been a great year!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A reader question! THANK YOU!!!!


I have a topic for your blog. Party consultants that talk about their personal life when they are doing a party. We all know a few like this. I wish the ones that do it would be more aware of how the ppl in the room are reacting and change. I just did a Mary Kay party and my mom ended up leaving before it even really got started because the consultant wouldnt shut up about her personal life and get on with the party.
Angie Dowling-Buckhannon, WV

Thanks again for writing this question! 

As a demonstrator who does NOT do parties with other consultants, I don't have a ton of experience with these types of demonstrators.  If I were in a situation where I felt that the other demonstrator wouldn't move on...I would try everything in my power to re-direct the party towards something that was much more constructive.

I also have a set of things that I do at every party (either instinctively or learned) to keep the party moving and to maintain a professional image.

1. I do not eat or drink at parties - I believe that the hostess has made the refreshments for her guests.  Not me.  I will get a water if I feel parched but other than that, I have never eaten or drank at a party.

2. I don't tell stories unless they are absolutly appropriate and have something to do with the product.  So, for example...I DO start my parties with "Welcome everyone, my name is Erin and I live in Woodstock with my husband and 5 daughters".  This typically is quite the attention grabber!  There aren't many parties where I have met someone who wasn't impressed with the amount of children or girls that I have.  They remember me and sometimes ask me questions about what my girls ages are, names, etc., and I believe that is completely appropriate.  Sometimes its the stories that help other women relate with the demonstrator BUT when the stories replace the product knowledge that you are able to give them...they are NOT constructive.

3. I do not take a good parking space.  This is a very little thing but it shows the hostess that you respect her and her guests more than having to walk an extra 100 feet.  My box isn't heavy and I only have one,  so this isn't a  big issue.

So, if you have someone on your team that you believe isn't being as professional as you would have hoped OR that you feel needs to stay on point, maybe you can ask them to shadow you at one of your parties.  That way you can show them what it looks like to be professional BUT still FUN!  Just like parenting you want to be these guests "friend" but you don't want them to get annoyed or walk all over you because they think that you will give them a discount.

I hope this answers your question!  If anyone else has an opinion, please post your answer in the comments section!
Have a great Mothers Day!  You are some of the most hardworking mothers I know!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Warning!  I am about to go off topic!

Please count your blessings. 

Yesterday morning I found out that an old family friend's son was killed in a car accident and although we weren't close, things like this always shake me.  Gone too soon at the age of 27, leaving behind a wife of almost 4 years and loving parents and shakes me.

When things like this happen, it seems like I throw away my priority list and write a new one.  It reminds me that not only is our life here temporary but that there are things that I should be pouring more time into instead of other things.  This all goes back to my balance post a few days ago.  It just helps me take the blinders of success off and allows me to ask myself where my success lies.

Hey Followers!!!!

Do you want your name and website on the right hand side bar?  If you do please leave a comment with your name and website you would like added.  I am HAPPY! to add you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hostess Gifts {walking a fine line between losing money and looking cheap}

What a dilemma!  Most party plans have great benefits for the hostesses and it seems that this debate is quite prevelant in the direct sales circles...what to give the hostess ABOVE what you she will get based on her sales?

I have heard of demonstrators creating hostess gifts for each hostess, presenting them in beautiful paper or bags and lavishing upon them the fruits of their labor.  And I think that is great!  I just don't have the time to keep up with these types of gifts.  I think I have an average amount of creativity in my blood, but honestly...I get bored with my projects!  If I create the same thing over and over and over it drives me crazy, and although it is new to the hostess(usually), it isn't new to me and I have a hard time getting really excited with the project.  AND!  I don't want to spend money on items that I am not getting points and sales credit for(if I were to buy certain items to apply expressions to that weren't UL)

Flip that coin.  I have also heard of demonstrators giving nothing as a hostess gift.  They believe that the rewards speak for themselves and that is quite enough.  And I also respect this decision as well.  There is something to be said for having great confidence when it comes to your hostess rewards.  It speaks volumes as to what you believe about the hostess plan.

So where do you stand on this great dilemma? :)

I am in the middle.  I don't give a lavish wrapped gift.  Again...I don't have time.  I do however give them a hostess gift in the form of an expression(not the plain words, an actual expression) which I leave up in a great area of their home.  I also use this gift as my demonstration.  I put a party order in for these expressions per quarter, and I can honestly say that not only do people want to buy whatever expression I have put up on the hostesses wall but the book parties because they see the value in not only having an expression that they will like BUT also having me put it up.

So...Inquiring minds want to know...what do you do for your hostesses?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prepare to be enlightened by a Dummy! :)!  Look what I found at a used book sale?  Perfect!  Prepare yourself!  I also picked up "networking for dummies".  Perfect for all my spare time!

Your success is in your head!

(I love this photo...but seriously...who can be that "peppy")

We all have those kind of days...where the family is sick, the customers are harassing and the third hostess has cancelled.  UGH!  Who likes these days?  Or better yet..which one of us does not EVER let this get us down?  not me...I can promise you...not me.  I too have succomed to the frustrations of running our home and my business and it isn't pleasant to be around me when I am frustrated.


I know that all of my frustrations with circumstances that are beyond my control are in my head.  I know that if I can re-frame my frustration into something that will benefit my family and my business, that I will grow from the experience and rise above where I was in the first place!

For example-

When a customer calls and has a problem with a color, I am able to spend time talking to her about a better choice AND prove to her just how great our guarantee is.

When a hostess calls to cancel, I can re-schedule her and take the time that I am home to spend time with the kids, get some paperwork done OR drum up a fundraiser for a local organization!

The point of the examples is that no matter what situation that comes your way(and I realize those examples were VERY general), you are in control of how you see it and react to it.  You can choose to move along in a positive way OR to let the situation take the wind out of your sail. 

It's up to you! 

Jump in on the conversation!  What situations have you been able to reframe lately? 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Researching your majorities!

To truly know who your ideal audience is, you may want to look over your hostess list for the last 6 months and ask yourself a few questions...

1. How old is your average hostess?
2. What type of neighborhood does your average hostess live in?
3. What town were the majority of your parties located in?

With these three answers, I believe you will be able to broaden your perspective on your audience, your market AND the type of person who might be interested in joining your team.  Another great thing you can learn is...where to bring your door to door marketing!  To find the right neighborhood you need to know which neighborhoods would be WRONG!  My neighborhood would be a good place to start but because I have 8 people on my team in this town...I think that reaching outside of my town might be a greater market.

To help you learn more about this industry read below :

According to the DSA, the following facts gleaned from its 2008 National Salesforce Survey and industry statistics in 2007 reveal the vital role direct sales play in the lives of millions of entrepreneurial women in the US:

Direct sales accounted for $30.8 billion in sales in 2007

Direct sales employ 15 million salespeople, 87.9% of which are women

The marital status of direct salespeople:
77% are married
10% are single
12% are divorced/widowed/separated

The age of direct salespeople:
32% are 35-44
25% are 45-54
21% are 18-34
14% are 55-64
8% are 65 and older

The educational status of direct salespeople:
32% are college graduates
29% have a two-year associate degree/trade school training/some college
22% are high school graduates
10% are post graduates
5% have some high school education or less

The percentage of sales made by direct salespeople broken down by major product groups:
32.8% of sales are in clothing/accessories/personal care
(cosmetics, jewelry, skin care)
25.6% are in home/family care/durables
(cleaning products, cookware, cutlery)
21.4% are in wellness
(weight loss products, vitamins)
4.0% are in leisure/educational
(toys, books, videos)
16.2% are in services/other

How/where these sales occur
77.1% involve face-to-face selling.

Of the face-to-face sales:
70.4% take place in the home
3.7% are in a temporary location
2.5% are in the workplace
0.5% are in other locations
22.9% involve remote selling.

Of the remote sales:
11.4% are through the Internet
8.8% are by phone
2.7% involve other remote means

The geographic location of sales broken down by region
31.6% take place in the South
26.8% are in the West
23.3% are in the Midwest
18.3% are in the Northeast

The method used to generate sales:
64.5% involved individual person-to-person selling
27.7% were party plan/group selling
6.6% involved customer direct order
1.2% involved other means

The amount of time spent each week on direct selling
31% spent 1-4 hours
23% spent 5-9 hours
22% spent 10-19 hours
12% spent 20 or more hours
12% spent less than 1 hour or no time at all

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog!  If there are subjects that you would like me to tackle, I would love for you to leave a comment or email me directly so that I can research your question and get it on here! :)  Have a Great Monday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goals - Break em down into bite sizers!

Thinking Ahead - How to turn BIG goals into SMALL bites!

Most direct sales companies have a "company year".  That may be from January 1st until December 31st, from July 1st until June 30th or whatever dates they have decided to start and stop their "business year".  At the close or beginning of your year most of you typically make some end of year goals for the following year.  At the time that you are writing them, they seem HUGE!  Maybe you have a sales goal, acheivement goal, prize goal, customer goal, team member goal or family goal...but chances are you have some goals!  What do you do when your goals seem too big to digest...or too overwhelming to even get started?

Break them down!

I like to take my year goals and break them down into monthly goals first.  So for example...our company has a FREE trip that you can earn when you hit 40,000 points for the year.  You earn points based on sales dollars sold(1 dollar = 1 point), new qualified team members(500 points), and promotions(varies based on who and what promotion).  So  here is an example of a very simple way to break down a daunting yearly goal.

40000/12 months = $3333.33/month in sales
$3333.33/$400(average party) = 8.3 parties

For me to earn the trip on sales dollars alone I know that I have to have 8 parties booked per month consistantly.  This is NOT taking into consideration that I have a goal of qualifying 1 person per month(adding 6000 points to my tally), or my online or individual sales(roughly $800 per month).

I am convinced that too many people don't realize that IF you start planning ahead on your goals, they will seem more acheivable and less daunting! 

So what are your goals?  Have you written them down?  Are you ready to starting taking small bites? 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My one track mind turned juggling act!

Does this illustration speak to you? 

Balance is the word that I think my entire first year in direct sales could be summed up with.  B-A-L-A-N-C-E!!!!!  It is nearly impossible when trying to break into a market with a completely unknown product. 

I hate to say it, but honestly there was little to no balance in my life during 2008.  The kids were still looked after during the day but many of my evenings and spare moments were devoted to strategies to get my "name out there" or educating myself about our products and applications.  I swear I had that first catalog memorized.

2009 was better as far as the BIG B WORD went.  I had many customers who I knew and had formed a relationship with and actually had a life and hobbies outside of my business.  I started a raised planter box garden and gladly took off 7 weeks in December and January so that I could refresh my mind, enjoy a trip and love on my girls. 

So, if you feel like you are lacking the BIG B WORD in your life(trust me...I am no way close to having this down yet), maybe these tips will help you.

-write a list of things that you feel like you should get done every day.  This does NOT have to be a "put on deodorant, brush teeth list" but maybe more like "30 minutes of puzzles and games with toddler, make heatlhy meal" kind of list.  In other words really search your heart and think...if you were 20 years in the future what would you want to look back on and knew that you did? 

-now that you have said list, prioritize your day to devote time to that list.  If you have decided to spend 30 minutes playing with your toddler DO NOT pick up the phone during that time.  IT IS OK!!!!!  Your customers will understand and want you to have that time with your child! :)

-cross out a few days a month on your calendar so that you don't book them.  Thanks to JC from Kay-Dough Mills and HP from Houston I am not working on Sundays anymore!  They challenged me to put my family first and I can't even begin to tell you how great it is to know that we can go to church as a family AND that there is a day of my week where I don't have to worry about anything else.(p.s.-I am a worrier...shocking right?)

-Enroll the help of your spouse or family.  This is rather least I think so.  My daughter(middle one, age 7) LOVES to help label things, make packets and generally do just about anything that she sees me doing(please don't have me arrested for child labor).  This is a prime example of something that will give you some time back in your day.  You need help, and chances are if you let your family know that IF everyone pitches in you will be able to do the fun stuff sooner, they will want to help out! might even be creating little marketers!

And for my last little tidbit...

Don't be so hard on yourself!  As women we take on so many different things.  SO MANY!  The house, children, finances, food, businesses, and overall well being of everyone who is involved with those things...and when we find ourselves falling short in one of those areas we are quick to allow it to torment ourselves.  ITS OK!  Your house might be a mess, you might be feeding your kids McDonald's every night, you might need to contact your down lines...ITS OK!  You are human and you are busy.  Cut yourself a little slack :)

And don't forget...keep moving forward!

My soapbox Saturday!

Door to Door Marketing...I dare you to!

Those who have heard me talk about this subject know that I am terribly passionate about it.  I realize that there are great online tools, marketing sites, networking sites and rescourses to get your information out to a broad group of people HOWEVER!!!  There is something to be said for old fasioned marketing.  The way that the Avon women took(and some still do) their information and left it door to door was I am sure...effective.  My mom bought in and I have to have I!  I actually DID look through the little catalogs that came to the door in the plastic avon bags!

So, here is my DARE if you will...

Get out and market door to door.  Maybe choose a neighborhood that is a bit furthur from where you live so that you are able to reach a whole new set of people.

What do I think you should put in your doorbags?(btw, they are easy to find online...just google them)

-mini catalogs
-information about hostessing
-sample and instructions
-business cards
-coupon or promotion info
-any other fun, informational info you might have!

Because the truth is...they WILL look at them.  And if you want to see your business GROW you want them to look at it...and maybe even show their friends!!!!

So who will be so bold?

Could you imagine how your business could grow IF you were reaching out to 50 new potential customers on a day that you have off...or maybe even a day when a hostess had to cancel!?!?  Now that's what I call making lemonade out of lemons!!!

And now I will step off the soapbox!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 30, 2010

To share or not to share...that is the question!

It plagues my mind... what to share with everyone and what ideas I should hoard for myself.  Or even worse...who I can share the good ideas with because I am afraid if the info gets out to the "wrong" person, it might be a bad thing... Crazy eh?

I think this is a deep dark(or maybe not so dark to some)secret in direct sales.  We want to be close with our fellow comrades of the sales world BUT only if it doesn't hurt our businesses.

So how do you handle this? 

I think that if I were called on the phone by ANYONE I would offer my best insite EVEN if it didn't benefit me in any way.  In fact...I have done this and will continue to do this to those who are so bold as to ask!

I don't give out all my ideas on facebook or other marketing sites but would if I were messaged privately about the idea.  I think that I am a fairly open person, so I feel like I am maintaining some sort of balance.

Whats the major fear here?(at least for me)

I am scared that someone will take my long thought out idea and not give credit back to where the idea came from.  Wow...that's vain right?  I think you would all be quite surprised if you knew the amount of time that I spend thinking and processing different marketing ideas and plans.  I LOVE MARKETING!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, so it is pretty second nature to me.

So jump in on the conversation.  I realize this could be a completely taboo subject but I am interested in knowing if you share everything with everyone, if you share everything with some, or some with everyone.

p.s.-I just bought the Julie Ann Jones organizational kit and will be doing a review soon!

Not just your usual marketing tool site!

Vistaprint is one of the most commonly used sites for creating cheap marketing tools for direct sales success!  When I started selling UL, I used Vistaprint to create business cards, pens, postcards and t shirts.

 A few different things that have proven successful that I have created are
-anniversary postcards with added coupon
-labels for my postcards so that I don't have to handwrite everything!
-a business card  which says "do you want to order more product later? Here's How"
-postcards to announce that I earned my trip with a coupon
-postcards with an explanation of our 90 day guarantee for those who have ordered online.
-birthday card postcards for my customers
-refrigerator magnets
-labels for the back of my catalogs
-labels for the back of my photos that I shared at convention
-gift certificates
-car magnets
-postcards for those who have needed a correction order
-personalized thank you cards
-stamp for my order forms and brochures
-mini notepads for my customers to jot down ideas

Here's a picture of the postcard that I created to let people know about our new catalog and promotion in January!

So what are you using Vistaprint for?  Do you have another site that you use?  We would love to know all about it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Awwwww...what a cute story right???

Now that I have introduced myself, I want you to know that Uppercase Living is NOT what this blog is about. 

This blog is for those of you who are in direct sales or thinking of direct sales as an option for your life!

I intend to have guest writers, tips and things that have worked(or may not have worked)!  Basically things that I think are interesting!!!

So, invite your friends who are passionate about what they sell, invite those who are brand new and email me with questions!

Welcome to the journey!  I am so glad you chose to come along!

Welcome! An intro!

Welcome everyone!  My name is Erin Carey and I the mother to 5 beautiful little girls by day and an Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator by night. 

My journey with Uppercase began a little over two years ago while attending an Uppercase Living gathering in Cary, Illinois.  Like many I encounter, I had never heard of Uppercase Living and went with a friend to see if it was "anything".  I was shocked to find out that was Uppercase was offering wasn't the pillows or lamp on the postcard invitation but the words on the wall!!!!  Words that have changed my life! 

I left that gathering with a catalog that I promptly took to my PTO meeting the next day.  At the end of the meeting, I pulled the catalog out and asked a few of those who seemed interested if they thought "this was anything???"  They were more excited than I was, and a few of them told me that they would have a party because they could see the words in their homes, and wanted the benefits!  I was thrilled...and hadn't even signed up yet! 

The next morning I signed up.  That was February 11, 2008, not even a year into my youngest daughters life! 

The past two years have been a whirlwind of acheivements that I never anticipated.  I started Uppercase becuase I felt like I was sharing something NEW with those in my life but never knew that I was actually lacking in self esteem.  As a mother tethered to the livingroom year after year, there was something amazing about getting out of the house to share something that I believed in and having the crowd become receptive to what I was saying! 

I am truly blessed.  I am able to grasp the benefits of both worlds!  As a stay at home mom, I am available for my toddlers.  I drive them to school, make them lunch, play with them and nurture them they way that only a mother can.  As a UL demonstrator I am able to connect with my peers and share a way to enhance their homes for very little money.  All the while building a team and financial stability for our large family!