Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tips for successful Facebook Marketing!

1. Silence isn't the enemy - Sometimes I get frustrated by the lack of comments on certain topics. BUT, I believe that as long as you are still excited about what you are doing and willing to let everyone know that "you are still out there" you will find success!  I still have people out there who don't know what UL is, and although there are probably those who won't be interested anyways, those who are just finding out what UL can do for their spaces are pretty excited about it!

2. Friend...anyone - Ok...this is debated from time to time...BUT you are asking to be someone's friend AND they have the opportunity to ignore that request(or deny it).  I friend people I know well, hardly know and have just met!  I friend customers who I worked with 1 on 1, hostesses and team members!  And I friend people who I meet at conventions!  I counted yesterday and have more than 88 people who I met just because of Uppercase on my Facebook!

3. Keep your page fresh! - You want to be adding new design, new photos(before and afters make a huge impact) and new sale info.  If you let your facebook page get stale...people will wonder if you are still selling and if they think you might not be...they will find someone else!

4. Keep your page clean! - Not like...no dirty jokes clean(although I don't really recommend).  More like, no clutter!  You have the ability to delete anything off your page that you don't want.  Comments that aren't helpful to your business, game postings, etc.  You want your customers to be able to go to your page and then see exactly what you can do with Uppercase!

5. Add pictures of designs as well as finished projects - I take pictures with my phone of designs I am working on and post them!  And...have sold the design to multiple people!  It is great to show people what you have actually done BUT it is also great to show them what you can do with our design tool!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Approach a school! I dare you!

There is nothing more rewarding than positive chatter from elementary students filling up a hallway as they walk by their new school decor!  

I had the honor of working at Park School today installing new Uppercase Living in their hallways and as the chatter got louder and more excited so did my interest for working with more schools!

So much so that I intend on approaching many more schools.  The thing is...schools are notorious for bad reports of "no funding" BUT like found in Park School's order, Uppercase offers an affordable way to display the things that matter to them.  I can't tell you how good it is to hear "oh...it's only that much, I thought it would be more" when telling the customer what their total is!  

So grab a healthy dose of confidence and reach out to a school!  And if they say "not now", reach out to another one!  I highly recommend it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to January...where is your brain!?

Isn't it funny that what looks like complete chaos to one person is what calms another person!  That is SO true of my schedule!  If I have tons of parties and stuff to do...I relax!  When I don't....I FREAK OUT!

Thus the issue with January!

Last January my husband and I went on the UL Cruise which I had earned the year before!  It was a great trip and because it was about two weeks after the holidays I wasn't scheduling parties before we left.  I had 2 great parties during the very last few days of January.

This year the lull of the end of the holidays has thrown me into a complete tizzy!  I told my husband the other day that things "didn't look good" and that I was "really nervous" about my party number, sales number etc.  The thing is....I have 6 parties this January!  And...had only 2 last year!  I also know that I am further along with my trip points this year than I was last year...

So...my point is...

If you are stressed out or feel like you are getting behind sometimes it helps to grab last years planner and see where you were the year before.  It may be that you are right...things need to get better OR like me you might find out that you didn't remember that the sales pattern for the month was lower than usual!

I hope I am not on here next month saying that I can't believe that I only have 6 for February(I shoot for 12) but if I am I know that I will be throwing more "irons" in the fire looking for different types of customers!