Friday, August 6, 2010

Another adjustment to my balancing act!

Don't ever think that I have it together! Puh-lease!  I am no where close to organized or balanced and we are now throwing a wrench into my constant persuit of balance!

My husband started a side company!

This is great news.  He makes WAY more money than me, so this is great...except...I am doing the administrative work so that he can keep up with his normal salary job.  What a wrench!

So over the next few weeks as I am picking up my new found "job", I will be trying to get the next things accomplished-

1. Maintain contact with my hostesses using the new hostess center(perfect timing!).
2. Mainstreaming my systems so that I am more efficient.  (This includes researching postal options, creating a schedule of operations and setting time aside to work on time consuming tasks)

I think that focusing on my systems *might* allow time for me to devote to my husbands work.  Key word...might! :)

Then again maybe I will lose my mind, lock myself in the bathroom and call a few of you to vent! :) 

If you like me are going through a schedule change, I challenge you to keep moving forward.  I try to remind myself that if I am doing at least one thing for UL each day, then I am making progress!