Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year, New Plan! :)

Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays!  I am thrilled to be back on the blog and thinking about a new year!  2010 was my best sales year to date and I am highly anticipating getting pen to paper to write my 2011 goals and strategies!

I have heard it said before that there are those who "wonder how I can do it" or "want to do what I do" so here you go!  First and foremost - GO BUY A NEW PLANNER! :)  You can't keep track of your dates/months/appointments without a good one!  I really liked my Brownline one from last year( because it ONLY had months...not weeks!  I find days of the week overwhelming so I like to look at my life a month at a time.  With that being said, my calendar really begins to look messy during my really busy months and I think that some people would be really quite frustrated by the mess.  So, whatever works for your schedule is great!

Hopefully you have parties booked for January already.  IF NOT, you have a great promotion in the buy two get one free coming up!  It is SO necessary to get the word out about this promotion and then at those parties let the guests in on the February info!  Even though we don't know what the promo is, we do know that February will be great for our guests, hostesses and new team members and you can still get your peeps pumped up without knowing all the details!  Just promise them that you know it will be great!

So...get cracking! :)  I am going to go and write some goals!