Friday, April 30, 2010

Not just your usual marketing tool site!

Vistaprint is one of the most commonly used sites for creating cheap marketing tools for direct sales success!  When I started selling UL, I used Vistaprint to create business cards, pens, postcards and t shirts.

 A few different things that have proven successful that I have created are
-anniversary postcards with added coupon
-labels for my postcards so that I don't have to handwrite everything!
-a business card  which says "do you want to order more product later? Here's How"
-postcards to announce that I earned my trip with a coupon
-postcards with an explanation of our 90 day guarantee for those who have ordered online.
-birthday card postcards for my customers
-refrigerator magnets
-labels for the back of my catalogs
-labels for the back of my photos that I shared at convention
-gift certificates
-car magnets
-postcards for those who have needed a correction order
-personalized thank you cards
-stamp for my order forms and brochures
-mini notepads for my customers to jot down ideas

Here's a picture of the postcard that I created to let people know about our new catalog and promotion in January!

So what are you using Vistaprint for?  Do you have another site that you use?  We would love to know all about it!

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  1. I use Vista Print all the time. I buy the small magnets to use at parties for the guests to put the small sample words on. I have got several of their stamps to use to stamp my info on the catalogs, to endorse my checks with "Deposit Only". I have several of their pens, stick um notes, notepads, mouse pads, banners, yard signs, post cards and even a t-shirt that says "Ask me about Uppercase Living and get a free sample".