Friday, April 30, 2010

To share or not to share...that is the question!

It plagues my mind... what to share with everyone and what ideas I should hoard for myself.  Or even worse...who I can share the good ideas with because I am afraid if the info gets out to the "wrong" person, it might be a bad thing... Crazy eh?

I think this is a deep dark(or maybe not so dark to some)secret in direct sales.  We want to be close with our fellow comrades of the sales world BUT only if it doesn't hurt our businesses.

So how do you handle this? 

I think that if I were called on the phone by ANYONE I would offer my best insite EVEN if it didn't benefit me in any way.  In fact...I have done this and will continue to do this to those who are so bold as to ask!

I don't give out all my ideas on facebook or other marketing sites but would if I were messaged privately about the idea.  I think that I am a fairly open person, so I feel like I am maintaining some sort of balance.

Whats the major fear here?(at least for me)

I am scared that someone will take my long thought out idea and not give credit back to where the idea came from.  Wow...that's vain right?  I think you would all be quite surprised if you knew the amount of time that I spend thinking and processing different marketing ideas and plans.  I LOVE MARKETING!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, so it is pretty second nature to me.

So jump in on the conversation.  I realize this could be a completely taboo subject but I am interested in knowing if you share everything with everyone, if you share everything with some, or some with everyone.

p.s.-I just bought the Julie Ann Jones organizational kit and will be doing a review soon!


  1. I love sharing tips with others, if I know it's going to help them in their business; but I also like when others share tips with me, too. We're all in this together, and the more we can help our economy survive, the better.

    I've looked at the Julie Anne Jones kit, too. Can't wait to read your review.

  2. I love sharing and receiving ideas as well. I think that there is enough business to go around and if we operate this basis rewards will come. I always feel that I am somewhere for reason no matter the outcome.

    Julie Anne has some awesome ideas! Love reviewing her tips for the week and often find great little tid bits that help me in my business.

  3. I generally don't mind sharing ideas. So many people have been generous with their ideas, advice and resources and I think one should give back. What I struggle with is sharing leads, info about sales venues, etc. with my local downline. I am still struggling to grow my business and have very high goals. If there is business to be had in my own back yard, then I WANT IT! Does this make me a bad upline?

    I would also be really upset to see my own words and/or images from my blog copied to someone else's. Hopefully people have the decency not to do so blatantly. I do send a customer newsletter out each month and tell my team members to copy whatever they'd like to send to their customers.