Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Newbie's!

Thanks for joining the blog.  If you would like your site and name added to the "let's network" section of the blog please leave me a comment with your name and website.

For those of you who have asked to be added and are not already there...I apoligize, I lost your email.  If you would leave a comment with the info, I will be sure to add it :)


  1. Hi Erin! It was so fun watching be awarded for all of your sucesses at convention. I just started reading you blog and it is so wonderful to have the chance to see your ideas. You're very creative and infomative. Keep up the great work! You are inspiring!
    I would love to be added to your networking list.
    Amanda Werling

    Thank you! Blessings

  2. Hi Erin! I would love to be added.

    Darla Bross (Baltimore, MD)