Saturday, May 1, 2010

My soapbox Saturday!

Door to Door Marketing...I dare you to!

Those who have heard me talk about this subject know that I am terribly passionate about it.  I realize that there are great online tools, marketing sites, networking sites and rescourses to get your information out to a broad group of people HOWEVER!!!  There is something to be said for old fasioned marketing.  The way that the Avon women took(and some still do) their information and left it door to door was I am sure...effective.  My mom bought in and I have to have I!  I actually DID look through the little catalogs that came to the door in the plastic avon bags!

So, here is my DARE if you will...

Get out and market door to door.  Maybe choose a neighborhood that is a bit furthur from where you live so that you are able to reach a whole new set of people.

What do I think you should put in your doorbags?(btw, they are easy to find online...just google them)

-mini catalogs
-information about hostessing
-sample and instructions
-business cards
-coupon or promotion info
-any other fun, informational info you might have!

Because the truth is...they WILL look at them.  And if you want to see your business GROW you want them to look at it...and maybe even show their friends!!!!

So who will be so bold?

Could you imagine how your business could grow IF you were reaching out to 50 new potential customers on a day that you have off...or maybe even a day when a hostess had to cancel!?!?  Now that's what I call making lemonade out of lemons!!!

And now I will step off the soapbox!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Girl...I'm right there with you! I was thinking about this exact thing! I drove past a neighborhood that was out of town and it would be so easy to drop off some information! Thanks for this post!

    Kay Dough Mills, TX

  2. Girl....just saying...

    Thanks for the shout out JC from Kay Dough Mills! :)

  3. My daughter, also a demonstrator and I went out this weekend garage saling. I had the sample word flyer with a word and my info on it and I handed out a lot of them. Everyone who was running a garage sale got one.

    Kari and I are always looking for something to "uppercase".

  4. Great idea Linda! Thanks for sharing!!!