Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to January...where is your brain!?

Isn't it funny that what looks like complete chaos to one person is what calms another person!  That is SO true of my schedule!  If I have tons of parties and stuff to do...I relax!  When I don't....I FREAK OUT!

Thus the issue with January!

Last January my husband and I went on the UL Cruise which I had earned the year before!  It was a great trip and because it was about two weeks after the holidays I wasn't scheduling parties before we left.  I had 2 great parties during the very last few days of January.

This year the lull of the end of the holidays has thrown me into a complete tizzy!  I told my husband the other day that things "didn't look good" and that I was "really nervous" about my party number, sales number etc.  The thing is....I have 6 parties this January!  And...had only 2 last year!  I also know that I am further along with my trip points this year than I was last year... point is...

If you are stressed out or feel like you are getting behind sometimes it helps to grab last years planner and see where you were the year before.  It may be that you are right...things need to get better OR like me you might find out that you didn't remember that the sales pattern for the month was lower than usual!

I hope I am not on here next month saying that I can't believe that I only have 6 for February(I shoot for 12) but if I am I know that I will be throwing more "irons" in the fire looking for different types of customers!

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