Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goals - Break em down into bite sizers!

Thinking Ahead - How to turn BIG goals into SMALL bites!

Most direct sales companies have a "company year".  That may be from January 1st until December 31st, from July 1st until June 30th or whatever dates they have decided to start and stop their "business year".  At the close or beginning of your year most of you typically make some end of year goals for the following year.  At the time that you are writing them, they seem HUGE!  Maybe you have a sales goal, acheivement goal, prize goal, customer goal, team member goal or family goal...but chances are you have some goals!  What do you do when your goals seem too big to digest...or too overwhelming to even get started?

Break them down!

I like to take my year goals and break them down into monthly goals first.  So for example...our company has a FREE trip that you can earn when you hit 40,000 points for the year.  You earn points based on sales dollars sold(1 dollar = 1 point), new qualified team members(500 points), and promotions(varies based on who and what promotion).  So  here is an example of a very simple way to break down a daunting yearly goal.

40000/12 months = $3333.33/month in sales
$3333.33/$400(average party) = 8.3 parties

For me to earn the trip on sales dollars alone I know that I have to have 8 parties booked per month consistantly.  This is NOT taking into consideration that I have a goal of qualifying 1 person per month(adding 6000 points to my tally), or my online or individual sales(roughly $800 per month).

I am convinced that too many people don't realize that IF you start planning ahead on your goals, they will seem more acheivable and less daunting! 

So what are your goals?  Have you written them down?  Are you ready to starting taking small bites? 

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