Saturday, May 1, 2010

My one track mind turned juggling act!

Does this illustration speak to you? 

Balance is the word that I think my entire first year in direct sales could be summed up with.  B-A-L-A-N-C-E!!!!!  It is nearly impossible when trying to break into a market with a completely unknown product. 

I hate to say it, but honestly there was little to no balance in my life during 2008.  The kids were still looked after during the day but many of my evenings and spare moments were devoted to strategies to get my "name out there" or educating myself about our products and applications.  I swear I had that first catalog memorized.

2009 was better as far as the BIG B WORD went.  I had many customers who I knew and had formed a relationship with and actually had a life and hobbies outside of my business.  I started a raised planter box garden and gladly took off 7 weeks in December and January so that I could refresh my mind, enjoy a trip and love on my girls. 

So, if you feel like you are lacking the BIG B WORD in your life(trust me...I am no way close to having this down yet), maybe these tips will help you.

-write a list of things that you feel like you should get done every day.  This does NOT have to be a "put on deodorant, brush teeth list" but maybe more like "30 minutes of puzzles and games with toddler, make heatlhy meal" kind of list.  In other words really search your heart and think...if you were 20 years in the future what would you want to look back on and knew that you did? 

-now that you have said list, prioritize your day to devote time to that list.  If you have decided to spend 30 minutes playing with your toddler DO NOT pick up the phone during that time.  IT IS OK!!!!!  Your customers will understand and want you to have that time with your child! :)

-cross out a few days a month on your calendar so that you don't book them.  Thanks to JC from Kay-Dough Mills and HP from Houston I am not working on Sundays anymore!  They challenged me to put my family first and I can't even begin to tell you how great it is to know that we can go to church as a family AND that there is a day of my week where I don't have to worry about anything else.(p.s.-I am a worrier...shocking right?)

-Enroll the help of your spouse or family.  This is rather least I think so.  My daughter(middle one, age 7) LOVES to help label things, make packets and generally do just about anything that she sees me doing(please don't have me arrested for child labor).  This is a prime example of something that will give you some time back in your day.  You need help, and chances are if you let your family know that IF everyone pitches in you will be able to do the fun stuff sooner, they will want to help out! might even be creating little marketers!

And for my last little tidbit...

Don't be so hard on yourself!  As women we take on so many different things.  SO MANY!  The house, children, finances, food, businesses, and overall well being of everyone who is involved with those things...and when we find ourselves falling short in one of those areas we are quick to allow it to torment ourselves.  ITS OK!  Your house might be a mess, you might be feeding your kids McDonald's every night, you might need to contact your down lines...ITS OK!  You are human and you are busy.  Cut yourself a little slack :)

And don't forget...keep moving forward!


  1. Love it Erin! Thanks for the reminders.
    Keep on doing what your are doing and just know that you ARE inspiring! I keep TRYING to stick to my list...and hope to keep it going this month.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement girls!!! I really appreciate it!