Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Your success is in your head!

(I love this photo...but seriously...who can be that "peppy")

We all have those kind of days...where the family is sick, the customers are harassing and the third hostess has cancelled.  UGH!  Who likes these days?  Or better yet..which one of us does not EVER let this get us down?  not me...I can promise you...not me.  I too have succomed to the frustrations of running our home and my business and it isn't pleasant to be around me when I am frustrated.


I know that all of my frustrations with circumstances that are beyond my control are in my head.  I know that if I can re-frame my frustration into something that will benefit my family and my business, that I will grow from the experience and rise above where I was in the first place!

For example-

When a customer calls and has a problem with a color, I am able to spend time talking to her about a better choice AND prove to her just how great our guarantee is.

When a hostess calls to cancel, I can re-schedule her and take the time that I am home to spend time with the kids, get some paperwork done OR drum up a fundraiser for a local organization!

The point of the examples is that no matter what situation that comes your way(and I realize those examples were VERY general), you are in control of how you see it and react to it.  You can choose to move along in a positive way OR to let the situation take the wind out of your sail. 

It's up to you! 

Jump in on the conversation!  What situations have you been able to reframe lately? 

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