Saturday, May 8, 2010

A reader question! THANK YOU!!!!


I have a topic for your blog. Party consultants that talk about their personal life when they are doing a party. We all know a few like this. I wish the ones that do it would be more aware of how the ppl in the room are reacting and change. I just did a Mary Kay party and my mom ended up leaving before it even really got started because the consultant wouldnt shut up about her personal life and get on with the party.
Angie Dowling-Buckhannon, WV

Thanks again for writing this question! 

As a demonstrator who does NOT do parties with other consultants, I don't have a ton of experience with these types of demonstrators.  If I were in a situation where I felt that the other demonstrator wouldn't move on...I would try everything in my power to re-direct the party towards something that was much more constructive.

I also have a set of things that I do at every party (either instinctively or learned) to keep the party moving and to maintain a professional image.

1. I do not eat or drink at parties - I believe that the hostess has made the refreshments for her guests.  Not me.  I will get a water if I feel parched but other than that, I have never eaten or drank at a party.

2. I don't tell stories unless they are absolutly appropriate and have something to do with the product.  So, for example...I DO start my parties with "Welcome everyone, my name is Erin and I live in Woodstock with my husband and 5 daughters".  This typically is quite the attention grabber!  There aren't many parties where I have met someone who wasn't impressed with the amount of children or girls that I have.  They remember me and sometimes ask me questions about what my girls ages are, names, etc., and I believe that is completely appropriate.  Sometimes its the stories that help other women relate with the demonstrator BUT when the stories replace the product knowledge that you are able to give them...they are NOT constructive.

3. I do not take a good parking space.  This is a very little thing but it shows the hostess that you respect her and her guests more than having to walk an extra 100 feet.  My box isn't heavy and I only have one,  so this isn't a  big issue.

So, if you have someone on your team that you believe isn't being as professional as you would have hoped OR that you feel needs to stay on point, maybe you can ask them to shadow you at one of your parties.  That way you can show them what it looks like to be professional BUT still FUN!  Just like parenting you want to be these guests "friend" but you don't want them to get annoyed or walk all over you because they think that you will give them a discount.

I hope this answers your question!  If anyone else has an opinion, please post your answer in the comments section!
Have a great Mothers Day!  You are some of the most hardworking mothers I know!

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