Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hostess Gifts {walking a fine line between losing money and looking cheap}

What a dilemma!  Most party plans have great benefits for the hostesses and it seems that this debate is quite prevelant in the direct sales circles...what to give the hostess ABOVE what you she will get based on her sales?

I have heard of demonstrators creating hostess gifts for each hostess, presenting them in beautiful paper or bags and lavishing upon them the fruits of their labor.  And I think that is great!  I just don't have the time to keep up with these types of gifts.  I think I have an average amount of creativity in my blood, but honestly...I get bored with my projects!  If I create the same thing over and over and over it drives me crazy, and although it is new to the hostess(usually), it isn't new to me and I have a hard time getting really excited with the project.  AND!  I don't want to spend money on items that I am not getting points and sales credit for(if I were to buy certain items to apply expressions to that weren't UL)

Flip that coin.  I have also heard of demonstrators giving nothing as a hostess gift.  They believe that the rewards speak for themselves and that is quite enough.  And I also respect this decision as well.  There is something to be said for having great confidence when it comes to your hostess rewards.  It speaks volumes as to what you believe about the hostess plan.

So where do you stand on this great dilemma? :)

I am in the middle.  I don't give a lavish wrapped gift.  Again...I don't have time.  I do however give them a hostess gift in the form of an expression(not the plain words, an actual expression) which I leave up in a great area of their home.  I also use this gift as my demonstration.  I put a party order in for these expressions per quarter, and I can honestly say that not only do people want to buy whatever expression I have put up on the hostesses wall but the book parties because they see the value in not only having an expression that they will like BUT also having me put it up.

So...Inquiring minds want to know...what do you do for your hostesses?


  1. I am curious which expressions/what size do you get for your hostesses?

    I do several different things. During specials, I will often buy some accessories (lower dollar ones) and give them as a gift. The hostess then has to purchase something to put on it. I have also done the whole crafty gift wrappy thing, I have also done a classic "Welcome" for the front door. The problem with the welcome seems to be that when the customers see it they want it, and sometimes that's all that they last party I didn't do a gift, and no one noticed, mainly because I was scatter brained that day and didn't think to bring one. I look forward to other responses, I think it is a great topic.

  2. I buy expressions that are 14.95 and under and typically one part because it keeps the demonstration brief. I use chocolate, black, bordeaux and hot cocoa for the colors and have put a star next to the ones in my catalog that I like to use for hostesses so that when I order the next time...I already have some sort of cheat sheet.

  3. Since most of my hostesses are first time customers (i.e. haven't already purchased any expressions), I offer $20 off any expression of their choice which I install as my demonstration at their party. I can usually add it to a party I have in the system, which means it doesn't typically even cost me $20 to do. I don't have to be creative; just have to make sure the expression arrives in time!

  4. Erin, do you let hostesses choose the expression or do you just show up with one and ask her where she'd like it?

  5. Yes, I have a stack of 15-20 expressions that I allow the hostess to choose from at the party.