Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recognize your strengths but focus on your weaknesses!

It isn't fun!  In fact, chances are that your weaknesses are weaknesses because you don't choose to focus on them.  The problem is that the gap between your strengths and weaknesses will get broader if you only focus on things that you are good at.  And I should know...

I have actually fantasized about hiring someone to tackle the things in my life that are weak.  I would prefer to PAY someone to handle them instead of struggling through them.

So how do I(we) go about strengthening our weaknesses?

I think you start by making a list.  What are you good at?  What are you passionate about? What do you DISLIKE?  What do you know you could spend more time doing?

I will give you a few examples-

What are you good at?
-one on one contact with customers

What are you passionate about?
-enriching customers lives through the power of words

What do you dislike?
-making phone calls

What do you know that you could spend more time doing?
-organizing, phone calls, mailings

The funny thing is that like me you may find contradictions in your list.  In my case, I am good at talking to people one on one about UL and things that I believe UL can do for their lives BUT I hate calling!!!  I am the email, texting queen and would prefer to conduct my entire business day with my keyboards.  Do you see the problem?  I know that my customers respond to my contacts BUT I don't do need to focus on that weakness alone to build my business!

I think that once you take inventory of your own skills verses things that you really dislike, you can force yourself to get over a hurdle in your mind, thus moving your business forward.

I dare you...write a short list and dwell on the weaknesses instead of the strengths!  You might even surprise yourself!

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