Monday, May 3, 2010

Researching your majorities!

To truly know who your ideal audience is, you may want to look over your hostess list for the last 6 months and ask yourself a few questions...

1. How old is your average hostess?
2. What type of neighborhood does your average hostess live in?
3. What town were the majority of your parties located in?

With these three answers, I believe you will be able to broaden your perspective on your audience, your market AND the type of person who might be interested in joining your team.  Another great thing you can learn is...where to bring your door to door marketing!  To find the right neighborhood you need to know which neighborhoods would be WRONG!  My neighborhood would be a good place to start but because I have 8 people on my team in this town...I think that reaching outside of my town might be a greater market.

To help you learn more about this industry read below :

According to the DSA, the following facts gleaned from its 2008 National Salesforce Survey and industry statistics in 2007 reveal the vital role direct sales play in the lives of millions of entrepreneurial women in the US:

Direct sales accounted for $30.8 billion in sales in 2007

Direct sales employ 15 million salespeople, 87.9% of which are women

The marital status of direct salespeople:
77% are married
10% are single
12% are divorced/widowed/separated

The age of direct salespeople:
32% are 35-44
25% are 45-54
21% are 18-34
14% are 55-64
8% are 65 and older

The educational status of direct salespeople:
32% are college graduates
29% have a two-year associate degree/trade school training/some college
22% are high school graduates
10% are post graduates
5% have some high school education or less

The percentage of sales made by direct salespeople broken down by major product groups:
32.8% of sales are in clothing/accessories/personal care
(cosmetics, jewelry, skin care)
25.6% are in home/family care/durables
(cleaning products, cookware, cutlery)
21.4% are in wellness
(weight loss products, vitamins)
4.0% are in leisure/educational
(toys, books, videos)
16.2% are in services/other

How/where these sales occur
77.1% involve face-to-face selling.

Of the face-to-face sales:
70.4% take place in the home
3.7% are in a temporary location
2.5% are in the workplace
0.5% are in other locations
22.9% involve remote selling.

Of the remote sales:
11.4% are through the Internet
8.8% are by phone
2.7% involve other remote means

The geographic location of sales broken down by region
31.6% take place in the South
26.8% are in the West
23.3% are in the Midwest
18.3% are in the Northeast

The method used to generate sales:
64.5% involved individual person-to-person selling
27.7% were party plan/group selling
6.6% involved customer direct order
1.2% involved other means

The amount of time spent each week on direct selling
31% spent 1-4 hours
23% spent 5-9 hours
22% spent 10-19 hours
12% spent 20 or more hours
12% spent less than 1 hour or no time at all

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog!  If there are subjects that you would like me to tackle, I would love for you to leave a comment or email me directly so that I can research your question and get it on here! :)  Have a Great Monday!

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